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Lo stagno incantato - Damiano Martorelli
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Fatti non fummo a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtude e conoscenza.
We were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge)
Dante, Inferno, XXVI.


Paideia is a Greek word: it indicated the model of education in classical Athens, which provided that the education of young people was divided in two parallel paths: the "physical" Paideia which included looking after the body and its reinforcement, and the "psychic" Paideia, aimed at ensuring a harmonious growth of individuals in the polis, based on the universal values that made up the ethos of the greek people.

The spirit of citizenship and belonging in fact, constituted a fundamental element on which were founded the political-legal system of the Greek cities.

La paideia modernamente intesa si riferisce quindi a tutto il campo del sapere estensivamente inteso; la conoscenza è e deve essere uno strumento utile al vivere quotidiano (una ottica che già gli Illuministi del '700 si erano posti), e non meramente accademica o riservata a pochi. Per questo al nostro progetto abbiamo dato questo nome.

The physical education of young Athenians was based in a first stage in a rigorous training gym, according to the idea that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind and vice versa; on second stage, it was added the war trainig, the war being one of the activities considered more noble and virile for greek men; to finally arrive at the completion of training represented by the political training, heart of Athenian citizenship, and the climax towards which was addressed the entire educational process.

Today, knowledge is still the foundation of modern society, whose boundaries are not clearly limited to the horizon of the Greek polis. With Paideia today thus refers to the whole field of knowledge broadly understood, the knowledge is and should be a useful tool in everyday life (a perspective which already had in the Enlightenment of the '700), and not merely academic or reserved to few people. Per questo al nostro progetto abbiamo dato questo nome. For this reason we gave this name to our project.

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