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Le 4 Stagioni del Cuore - Damiano Martorelli
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Fatti non fummo a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtude e conoscenza.
We were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge)
Dante, Inferno, XXVI.

Useful software

This section reviewed a number of links to useful software tools. For each instrument is indicated, as accurately as possible, the operating system that is available. Please refer to the programs' sites for every detail about use and installation of the indicated applications .

Unless otherwise indicated, the resources are free and free is the use (freeware), provided the copyright of the legitimate owners of the proposed instruments.

E-Book viewers
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Viewer (Win) to read e-books in Microsoft PowerPoint version 97 and later
  • Microsoft Word 2003 Viewer (Win) to read e-books in Microsoft Word format (97 to 2003)
  • OpenOffice suite open source (Win / Mac / Linux) freely and legally usable in any context, public, private, professional and corporate, and that reads and writes files in formats used by most popular products on the market.

Other applications
  • Total Commander shareware application (Win) in different languages (including Italian) to manage your PC. Reproduces the glorious Norton Commander
  • PowerISO shareware application (Win) to open, create, manage, mount (via virtual driver) and burn images of CDs and DVDs
  • IsoBuster shareware application (Win) to recover files from damaged CD or DVD (ie: the only system backup in your possession), and so on.
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