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Section Railways of Mexico

The trip has always been one of the tools of knowledge that has fascinated generations of young people, intellectuals and writers. Reports of travel (think to Milione Marco Polo) are important witnesses, although subjective, which open to the world an insight into past and present.

The train is, by his invention, a means of transport more convenient, environmentally friendly and affordable for all to explore a vast country like Mexico, which occupies great part of Central America. For this reason, in this section we propose links to the main railway lines of this fascinating country. If you find errors, changes or if you want to notify other resources not present here, send us a notification e-mail.

  • Ferromex - official website of the Railways of Mexico
  • Canyon Travel: Official site of the private railway line in service from Sierra Madre to Copper Canyon
  • El Chepe: Official website of the eco-touristic train from Chihuahua to Los Mochis
  • El Tren Ligero: website of Light Rail service in federal district of Mexico City
  • Expreso Maya: Official website of the touristic railway line Chichen Itza-Merida-Campeche-Izamal-Palenque, which retraces the places and Maya heritage sites of UNESCO
  • Ferrocarril Tijuana-Tecate: Official website of the Railway line Tijuana-Tecate
  • Ferrocarriles Suburbanos: Official website of the State Railways of Mexico and in Federal District
  • Metro de la Ciudad de Mexico: Official website of the Subway in Mexico City
  • Sierra Madre Express: Official website of the Touristic Railway Sierra Madre
  • STC Metrorrey: Official website of the Metropolitan Monterrey
  • Tequila Express: Official website of the scenic railway line Guadalajara-Amatitán
  • Tren escenico de la Ciudad de Cuautla: Webpage regarding the turistic train of the line in the City of Cuautla (State Morelos)

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